To appreciate arts and stories of African women; to celebrate female film practitioners; and to empower aspiring artists.

What type of films qualify for AWAFFEST?

Films about Africa and by Women.

When does the festival take place?

The festival is an annual event, usually in the month of March.

When and how can I submit my film?

Film submissions begin August 1st. Filmmakers can submit their films through FilmFreeway.
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African Women Arts & Film Festival
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How many films can I submit?

As many as you like! Please note however that there is no discounted rate for submitting more than one film. Each film must have a separate medium. All films you submit must bear only your name. Mediums with more than one film will not qualify for screening. Attempts to submit multiple films under different aliases are disqualified from screening. It helps to indicate the award category you would like to be considered for each film.

Can I submit my film if it has already aired on television?

No. However you can submit your films even if you have already screened them at other festivals.

How do you determine a short film?

To be a short film, you should be able to tell a story (fiction or non-fiction) in under 20 minutes, including all rolling credits.

What is a feature length film?

Fiction or non-fiction films that are between 60-90 minutes long, to include all rolling credits.

What is a Narrative?

Fictional story telling.

What is a documentary?

Non-fictional story telling.

If my film include a non-English dialogue, do you require a copy with English subtitles?


Do I need to register in order to submit my film(s)?

Yes. We recommend that you register your work on this website if you want feeedback from judges and ratings.

How are qualifying films selected?

A panel of judges made up of industry professionals will review each submitted film to determine eligibility and merit. Qualifying films will be selected after review. The Festival will enter 12 of the best films into a competition and will award selected films based on fifteen (15) categories.

I submitted my film(s), how will I know if my film(s) are selected?

You will be notified via email from filmfreeway.

I am an African filmmaker with a movie that is more than one year old, can I submit my film for consideration?

Films made after June 1st of year prior to submission are eligible to be submitted for the festival.

Can I submit my film for AWAFFEST if I already submitted it elsewhere?


Is there an age limit?

We encourage filmmakers of ALL AGES to submit their film(s) for the festival. All persons under the age of 18 must obtain an expressed written consent from a parent of guardian before submitting.

What if my information changes after my film submission?

Notify us immediately! You can use the Contact form or email us at info@awaffest.org.

Where does my submission fee go?

AWAFFEST is a non-profit organization with the goal to give back to the African Women independent film industry. Submission fees and all proceeds go toward festival operations and programs that support our filmmakers. We encourage you to visit the sponsorship page to see how you can contribute to our cause. Please note that submission fees are non-refundable. We will promptly process all submissions that we receive in a timely manner.